Keystone Indie brings together developers from across the world in a unique partnership that has created the go-to community for Indie Developers

What makes us different? We were formed by developers for developers, creating a world leading alliance.

We have an ever expanding range of partner developers in our community, creating the ultimate network of like-minded indie developers. We have created an incredible alliance and support each other, becoming a true force in developing the finest games!
We’re looking to partner up with developers like YOU!

“I have a permanent smile on my face since signing with Keystone”

Robert Anderson, Devil’s Peek Games & developer of The Puzzleverse


Thanks to our special relationships with a number of retailers around the world, we can provide market leading royalty rates for all titles you publish through us. Why do we offer you the best royalties? Quite simply because we have forged key distribution alliances based on our philanthropic aims, where distributors around the world are offering us a special deal, which we can pass on to you whilst also helping children with serious life-limiting illness. In fact, in many cases we offer more royalties to devs compared to even what they’d receive if they self-published.

What’s The Catch?

Are there any catches or costs to all that we offer? The answer is no, we work in true partnership with all of our developers. We offer a royalty split with no hidden costs or recoups! You still own your game in entirety, but we do all the marketing and publishing at no cost to you! Our share is used to support children’s charities. It costs you nothing and you are not locked in to any long-term relationships! Although, we feel confident you will want to stick around!

Join The Keystone Indie Community

All of our partner developers immediately become members of our community, where you can join with other developers in private chat rooms, forums and technical support groups that brings us all together. You really do become part of the family, offering contact with other Keystone Indie developers around the world and around the clock! Want to discuss a technical problem, share game ideas or just chew the fat? You are part of a growing community of developers all looking to forge alliances and help each other!

Technical Support And Guidance

We provide free technical support and guidance for all Keystone Indie members from one of the world’s finest in-house development teams. Our development team have worked on scores of triple A games, for companies such as Electronic Arts, Atari and others. Our developers have had numerous Programmer of The Year, Artist and Best Game Awards. If you have an issue or need help with art, code, sound or any element of game design or coding EVERY Keystone Indie developer has access to this award-winning group for support!

FREE Marketing

We offer some of the strongest marketing and promotion in the business, with a team of experts who have marketed, sold and promoted some of the world’s top selling “mega hit” titles! If you have the product, we will get you in the limelight with a major publicity campaign! We also don’t charge for marketing. Most other publishers recoup marketing costs by holding back on paying developers royalties for a certain amount of time. Not with us! When the game makes money, so do YOU!

43 Country Box Distribution

Keystone Games has box distribution networks accessing 43 countries across Europe, USA, Asia and Australasia, which guarantees that if your game is box-suitable, it will find its way to all major gaming retailers such as Game and Walmart.

Steam/PS Store

We’ll place your products onto STEAM/PS Store with preferential marketing to create higher visibility of published games. This marketing really helps your product stand out from the crowd with massively enhanced visibility and access to Steam Sales pages.


Coming soon on Keystone Indie

App Stores

We’ll provide, via our publishing service, access to iTunes, Google PlayStore and other leading app stores.

Social Media

We’ll promote our developers’ games across a range of social media outlets, including through many of the top games bloggers and key gaming publications


Our developers have FREE access to Unity Pro with collaboration, cloud build, multiplayer hosting and enhanced tech and account support.
Please note: Using Unity as a game engine is NOT needed to partner up with us.


Our developers have FREE access to Microsoft Products through MSDN.


Our developers will work with industry veteran and multi award winning developer, Jane Whittaker and some of the best coders, artists and developers in the world. This is a partnership of developers, where working together we can really make a difference!


Be part of something bigger. The majority of all Keystone’s profits are donated in support of children with serious life-limiting illness.

About Us

We’re ethical, honest and straightforward to do business with and we only want to work with the BEST games developers to help achieve their potential. Keystone Games has been founded by developers for developers, with over 30 years of industry experience and a range of number 1 chart titles under our belts.

Join us and put your game where it deserves to be – front and centre in the global spotlight.

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