Matt Wynn

3D Artist

My Name is Matt Wynn, from an early age Aviation was my fascination (I think I was about 2 when that particular light clicked on!) and drawing… the endless hours I’d used to lie on the living room floor and design aircraft, or just doodle things! this paved my way for many years, until secondary school where I was bullied quite harshly, to the point of me dropping out and going back only to take exams… where I somehow seemed to manage to still pass in French, German, Graphics and Geography! during the Early 2000’s my passion was still Aviation based and I¬†was in the Air Training Corps with 1122 ‘Marmion’ Squadron… here I excelled in Aircraft Recognition, Fieldcraft and Shooting! but it made me realise that I enjoyed helping others (Yearly volunteer at the Royal international Air Tattoo even to this day!), being able to stand proud, do things for the community; things and values that have never left me! Aircraft recognition to me was an extension of my Graphical eye, seeing shapes, using shapes to identify the aircraft… things that help form the basics of a Graphic Artist (in my own opinion!).

Skipping ahead a few years, I attempted to join the Royal Air Force (Twice!) both times being told my BMI was too low, so I had to find something to do! I worked in a warehouse for a summer, earning enough to get myself a PC, and start learning graphic design in general. my mind had to skip back to School – ‘What did I enjoy? and what can I do to expand upon it?’… this led me back to my hobby; Aviation and Flight Simulation (the latter I started with FS98 and back when there was no youtube or real websites about texture creation!).

After several years of doing paints for myself and online acquaintances I was brought into Iris Flight Simulation software, initially as a Beta tester on the Avro Vulcan, before ending there on the PC-21, were it not for IRIS taking me on then I do not think I would be where I am today so I am eternally grateful to them. After this I went to Leatherneck to assist on the DCS Mikoyan-Gurevich 21 (MiG-21). after this I once again found myself with no work so I started back on another Hobby.. Aviation Artistry; Here I designed patches for 337M Hellenic Air Force, Profile art for Classic Air Force at Newquay (since Closed) as well as a couple of private customers.

now at Keystone I feel absolutely privileged to be working alongside these guys, back to my spirit of Helping others where I can! many of whom here are shining examples of that warrior spirit… to keep going, to overcome and thrive! I absolutely relish every day working with this group and as a team I am sure we shall succeed!

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