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Homicide Detective

Investigate a series of murders from a killer that spreads his dark tentacles of death around the world.


A man lies dead on London Bridge – the first in a series of murders from a killer that spreads his dark tentacles of death around the world.

Apothecia – the human tendency to see patterns in random data? Or the work of a cold and calculating murderer hell bent on creating a trail of death crisscrossing the globe?

As a homicide detective it is for you to decide, and having decided, do you have the skills to bring the monstrous reign of carnage to an end and bring the perpetrator to justice?

Keystone Games is proud to announce the development of Homicide Detective. Releasing soon, this is a unique opportunity to take on the role of a homicide specialist, traversing the globe for an elite United Nations unit, with a mandate to solve serious crime. Visit scores of iconic locations, from Tower Bridge to the Egyptian Pyramids, the teeming streets of Penang to the Serengeti plains, and the hustle and bustle of the city of London.

Homicide Detective features an all star cast, including Sir Kenneth Branagh and Warwick Davis along with other celebrity actors and voice artists who help bring the game to life in cinematic glory!

Homicide Detective breaks the mould in investigative games, skilfully blending cinematic action, gorgeous locations in fully explorable 3D and the ability to utilise real investigative skills. The game has been developed with the support of actual professional homicide investigators, who have each worked closely with the development team to ensure that Homicide Detective is as real as it gets! The fusion of hugely experienced police officers and highly experienced game developers ensures Homicide Detective is a game to die for!

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