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Rogue Islands

A fast-paced action shooter, set in 
a procedural fantasy world.


  • A fast past action shooter set in an ever evolving fantasy environment that adapts to the player. FPS fuses with RPG and a procedural world for the ultimate gameplay experience!
  • Learn and craft powerful spells that become your weapon of choice as you learn the art of survival with everything from summoning a swarm of wasps to a defensive shield.
  • Traverse a huge variety of landscapes, including exploring strange temples, exotic savannah, mountainous enclaves and forbidding forests.
  • No two playthroughs are ever the same with over 120 million combinations of procedurally generated islands tailored to your skills and play style!
  • Developed by Kiaran Ritchie (lead animator at Bioware and world leading RPG expert) and Jane Whittaker (developer of multiple FPS games including Alien VS Predator and 5 times Games Programmer Of The Year winner).
  • Rogue Islands is a fusion of styles that come together to make a perfect whole that will push your skills to the limit whilst blowing your mind!

You control a nimble druid that can levitate and cast powerful magic spells. The action is fast and smooth, and the enemies are numerous and relentless.

Each island is a unique and complex 3D sculpture brimming with monsters, temples, forests, mountains, caves and bosses. Massive cliffs rise from the depths. Insane, twisted passages wind their way through valleys and under mountains. And no two islands are ever the same!

The islands are infested with a demonic horde. Spinefish lurk in the watery depths, skeletons march across the hillsides, vile shaman screech and fly overhead, vicious Hell-bats spit fireballs that erupt and ignite the canopy. Nowhere is safe, especially after dark when Ghastly apparitions descend from the stars and hunt you down.

If you’re good enough to survive the horde, you’ll make it to the five summoning circles where you can summon one of the five Lords of Torment; the game’s bosses.

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