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Safari Park Manager

Safari Park Manager takes the player deep
 into Kenya to run a wildlife reserve.


Starting with only a small government grant you must battle against all the odds with your plans to turn your small tract of land in to a safe home for wildlife. Buy more land and landscape it as a habitat for a wide range of species, start breeding and conservation programs, all the while battling against the ever present menace of poachers and those who seek to do harm to the animal population.

Will you encourage visitors and set up safari attractions? or will you try and remain private and seek funding elsewhere? Will too many visitors destroy the habitats you are so keen to preserve? Will a lack of visitors mean that funds are in short supply for much needed projects?

Build visitors centres, learn to care for the entire range of African animals, hire guards, vets and wildlife experts from around the world as you strive to turn your struggling wilderness in to a world class wildlife reserve. Will you breed lions or elephants, giraffe or gazelle? All the choices are yours as the spirit and majesty of Africa awaits you.

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